Nepal Tour

]Nepal has many different things to offer for sightseeing. The natural beauty and Himalayan views, the culture and traditions, the historical monument, art and architecture, Hindu temples and Buddhist stupa and monasteries, its people and rites, myths and mysteries which are a part of the daily life of the people of Nepal. Kathmandu is the first arrival point for most visitors. Mountains surround the valley and it is divided into the three major cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. These were once three different kingdoms and to this day retain their own rich artistic styles and traditions. Out of the valley there are also other beautiful unexplored destinations, sight seeing packages are included some of them.


India Tour

World's seventh largest country and the biggest democracy place in the world with a population of one billion. India, a vast country of rich cultural melting pot with its colorful festivals of all religion and people, blending well with magnificent landscape of historical cities, jungle, valleys, arid desert to high beautiful Himalayan peaks which makes it a traveler's destination from sand, sea to snow.

As the saying goes "variety is the spice of life" India certainly is one of the most amazing place on earth and has the ingredients for all kinds of holidays, from camel ride in the Thar desert, sun bathing in one of its beautiful beaches, explore the rural villages and countryside or trek in the high north eastern Himalayas of Ladakh, Sikkim and Darjeeling.


Tibet Tour

Tibet has always been a dream for travelers, explorers and jet setters alike. No wonder, this short leisure trip to Tibet is specially designed itinerary which gives you an ample time to wander around the capital city; Lhasa.


A fabulous journey to observe the everyday life of these colourful people, their culture and tradition and to explore the places of historic importance including monasteries, temples and palaces. A spectacular panoramic flight over the majestic Himalaya is breathtaking.




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